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Wintek Line Speed Estimator

The link at the bottom of this page will start a test to estimate the speed of your connection to Wintek.  In particular, the test measures your download speed, the speed at which data can be sent from Wintek to you.  This is typically useful to verify the correct provisioning of your line by the telephone company. 

For best results, close all other programs on your PC, repeat the test several times, and in the case of DSL, try the test at several different times throughout the day and the week.

For many reasons, the calculation of your line speed is only approximate.  The calculation depends on the resolution of the clock on your PC, what other tasks your computer is performing during the test, the speed of your computer and hard drive, the efficiency of your Java interpreter, the presence of virus and content scanners on your PC, the load on Wintek's server, and the speed of your line.  If other computers share your connection to Wintek, they can have a significant impact on the measured speed.

DSL connections may be significantly slower than the maximum speed allowed by Verizon.  In order to lower the cost, Verizon's DSL utilizes some shared infrastructure that is affected by the activity of your "DSL neighbors".  The end result is that your speed at any given time may only be a third or less of the maximum speed.  Verizon does not guarantee any throughput at all.  If your application requires consistently high speed and low latency, you may want to consider a T-1 or DS3 service that does not suffer from the shared infrastructure between Wintek and your network.

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